Attendance policy

Attendance is critical for success in school. Regular school attendance is a necessary part of the learning process. Absenteeism, late arrival and early dismissal hurt the student’s improvement and learning. It also causes missing important socialization concepts that enhance their ability to learn better and get more affective results. Absenteeism in group classes hurts other students as well since the frequently absent students require more individual attention from the teacher.

You can find the rules and policy related to the students’ attendance below:

  • If you are attending long-term classes with an ED Visa, you have to attend at least 80% of the sessions, otherwise you will not be eligible to apply for an extension for your ED Visa.
  • Being absent in group classes means missing the whole session, and there won’t be any make-up sessions for the absent students.
  • If you have chosen a private course, and it is not possible for you to attend the class you can inform the office 48 hours before the session (the session you want to be absent) in order to plan and confirm another session. If you do not inform the office 48 hours before the class, unfortunately you will miss the lesson, and there won’t be any make-up sessions for you.
  • If you want to completely cancel your class after having done the registration for the course and having paid the fee, you won’t be able to request a refund on the unattended sessions. There is no refund after registration.
  • The number of the sessions you have registered for is counted from the issue date indicated on the receipt given to you from the school. In the other words the date of the first session of the course equals the issue date on the receipt.
  • Unfortunately we cannot accept the ones who haven’t registered in class, so if you would like to bring some body as a guest ( your friends, relatives, children, etc.) to class, you are kindly expected to inform the office and let them decide what to do.