Thai Health & Beauty

A massage to restore balance among the elements. A herbal sauna to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. A herbal pack to calm nerves and redirect the energy. All this  has been part of daily life here for centuries.


Herbal sauna is no newcomer to Thailand. For many centuries people would visit a sauna, where herbal packs formulated just for the ailment would be added to a water heater. The resulting steam would be absorbed both through the nose and the skin. The heat also sweated out toxins and cleansed the pores. We have a traditional Thai- style sauna at C&M School , and you can use it throughout the course , and you can learn about the benefits of the medicinal herbs and how to use them to detox your body and guarantee your health , beauty and youth. You will learn how to make herbal skin and face scrubs , how to make natural masks , how to make your own natural hair conditioner and hair treatment cream. In nutshell you will learn how to live a healthier life and how to stay beautiful and young in a natural way.

We offer two different courses related to Thai Health and Beauty :

  1. Natural Beauty
  2. Medicine, Detox

If you take part in both courses you can get a 20% discount.If you are ready to enjoy a new and super healthy lifestyle , join our private Thai Natural Health & Beauty Course. For the information on the timetable , just contact us.

COURSE 1 DAY(3 hrs/1 class) 1 WEEK(9 hrs/3 classes) 1 MONTH(36 hrs/12 classes)
THAI HEALTH & BEAUTY 3000 B 8000 B 28500 B