Thai Dance

The main dramatic art form of Thailand is Thai dance which is one the most elegant performances in the world. Thai dance was originally an art performed for the royal courts of old Siam.Thai traditional dance is one of the truly best aspects of the country and is quite symbolic of the Thai character itself  with its graceful movements, and its soft rhythm.

thai dance

Thai Dance Course

C&M has designed a private Thai Dance Course in which  you will learn:

  • The history  & the value of Thai Dance
  • Different types of Thai Dance
  • specific vocabulary of  Thai Dance
  • how to perform Thai Dance
  • how to improve posture and character with the help of this dance
  • how to develop  concentration with the help of this dance
  • how to be more confident with the help of this dance


For the timetable  ,  feel free to contact us.

COURSE 1 DAY(2 hrs/1 class) 2 DAYS(4 hrs/2 classes) 3 DAYS(6 hrs/3 classes)
THAI DANCE 1800 B 3200 B 4200 B

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