Additional important Note for the students who are willing to obtain an ED Visa:

  1. If they are willing to obtain an ED Visa then they have to pay the tuition fee in 3 months intervals <Cooking = 18,000 B , Thai Language = 6,000 B , Massage = 12,000 B , English = 9,000 B  per interval> , the administration fee of 3000 B has to also be paid separately      <an additional 3,000 baht administration fee is required with the initial application only>.

*** ED visa fee, Extension fee , Admin for the extension fee are not included.

  1. For those students who have registered for the course with an ED visa , there is no refund after submitting  the tuition fee and administration fee if the student received the approval letter from the Ministry Of Education in Suratthani as notify by the school. If the student is denied the approval letter from the Ministry Of Education then the school will refund the tuition fee but NOT the administration fee within 14 days from the denial date.

*** The initial application is made to the Ministry Of Education. They will either approve or deny the application. If the application is approved then, the student is responsible to continue the ED visa process with the aid of the school for preparing the ED visa application. The student must take the ED visa application to Thai consulate or Embassy outside of Thailand to apply for actual ED visa as soon as the student  receive all the application documents from the school. The school is not responsible for any reason of denial from Thai Consulate or Embassy.

  1. If they are attending the courses with an ED Visa, they have to attend at least 80% of the sessions <90 days> ; otherwise they will not be eligible to apply for an extension for their ED Visa.
  2. The school is only responsible for helping the students with submitting the required documents to apply for ED Visa to the Ministry Of Education and to prepare the documents for each 90 days visa extension to Samui immigration. Therefore, the school doesn’t accept any responsibility in any case of denial.
  3. The school suggests you to request for a multiple entry visa when you are applying for the ED visa in order to leave the country while you are holding the ED visa.
  4. In case you received a single entry visa, you must apply for a re-entry permit before you leave Thailand. You must return to Thailand before your current visa expire to apply the next visa extension at Samui immigration. <The re-entry permit is provided at the immigration office>.
  5. Other visa related expenses:
  • ED visa fee <Single entry > =>   around 3,000 baht<on initial applying only> => to Thai Consulate or Embassy.
  • Extension fee =>   around 1,900 baht<every 90 days>   => to Samui immigration.
  • Admin for the extension fee => It is 500 baht <every 90 days>   => to the school.
  • Express posting the documents by international courier service fee from Thailand to another country is around 3,000 – 5,000 baht. <It depends on the country.>