ED Visa Extension

  1. One week before extension go to the School Office:
    1. Ask for the required documents
    2. Choose a date to go to the Immigration Office for your Visa Extension
      (warning: not on holiday or weekend in Thailand)
  2. One work day before:
    1. Receive the documents at the School Office (only during working hours: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.)
    2. Buy Lomprayah boat ticket to Koh Samui (Nathon pier), departure time 7:15 am
      Lomprayah Office is located in Thong Sala, just across from the main pier
      Lomprayah website: click here
    3. In Lomprayah Office you can make a Lomprayah Member Card
      By having this card you can buy tickets much cheaper (200 baht instead of 300)
      Usually the process of getting this card doesn’t take more than 10 minutes
      To get a Lomprayah Member Card you need:
      1. 200 baht
      2. 2 photos (3×4 cm)
      3. Passport (or copy of the first page)
  3. On the date
    1. Be at the pier for the check-in at 7:00
    2. Boarding at 7:15
    3. Arrive in Koh Samui, Nathon Pier, approx. 8:00
    4. Take the moto-taxi to the Immigration Office (approx 2-2.5 km, the price is 50-70 baht)
    5. Go inside, hand in your documents to the officer and pay 1900 baht
    6. Receive a ticket with the queue number and an expected time
    7. You might be asked to wait for 1 hour or so
      It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a book or something with you in order not to get bored
    8. Receive your passport
    9. Take the moto-taxi to the Nathon Pier, Lomprayah Ticket Office (the price is 50-70 baht)
    10. Ask for the next boat and buy the ticket to Koh Phangan (use your member card)
    11. Board on the boat, return to Koh Phangan
    12. Go to the School Office, leave your passport
  4. Next day: go to the School Office to receive your passport


  1. Here is a map with all places mentioned above
  2. If you do not want to use Lomprayah or you missed the boat, there are other boat companies, such as Songserm or Express Boat. But you have to check the schedule and the pier where you are going to arrive on Koh Samui. The pier which is closest to the immigration is Nathon