About The School

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   Thailand, Land of Smiles, is one of the most magnificent places in the world. You have heard a lot about the country, its incredibly beautiful nature, delicious and healthy Thai food, friendly people and unique Thai culture. Thai culture which is the characteristics, knowledge and lifestyle of Thai people is presented by everything from the language, cuisine, special Thai style massage, religion, social habits, music, art and other things. Enjoy learning more about this interesting and endearing culture by being a part of yourself. You would like to make travelling plans to somewhere special, you want to discover a healthy place to live in, or you are willing to experience a different culture to expand your knowledge and develop your profession or you intend to try a more meaningful life style or even just to have fun. Whatever your reason is one of your best destinations is Koh Phangan.


     Koh Phangan located in the south is one of the most visited and famous islands in Thailand. This place could be somewhere you can make your dreams come true. The natural atmosphere, the relaxing environment, the high positive energy, love and respect from local people are waiting to support your unforgettably fantastic experience in Thailand. A healthy life and good education” is what you will get on this Island. Once you start looking for someone or somewhere to help you and share their beautiful experience to guide you in the best way or give you the right answer when you would like to enter “the heart of Thailand”  we welcome you to “Koh Phangan Vocational School”  called “C&M.”


    “C&M” is a Thai Culture Center on Koh Phangan which was established in November 2011 by two Thai sisters. The real motive behind opening this Culture Center was full of pure love and a strong will to share their beautiful culture and useful knowledge through various activities and creative ways. More days… more visitors… bring them the potential to see through many beautiful things behind each culture and the great meaning of the word “sharing”. That was a big inspiration for them to continue and keep on developing the center and they realize that “ENJOY LEARNING NEW THINGS” from the simplest behavior would give powerful and positive results.

  • C&M School became a vocational school accredited by the government under the Ministry of Education on May the 5th 2015.




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