Thai Language

The official and native language of Thailand is Thai or Siamese. It’s a tonal language in which different tones and pitches can imply different meanings, and that’s why most learners find this language difficult. The grammar of the Thai language might be considered simpler than grammar in Western languages, and for many students, this makes up for the additional difficulty of the tones. Most significantly, words are not modified or conjugated for tense, person, possession, number (singular/plural), or subject-verb agreement. Determiners such as “a”, “”an,” or “the” are not used.


The benefits of speaking Thai

Each year over 12 million people travel to Thailand and a large number relocate or spend an extended amount of time there.

Tourists can easily get by speaking no Thai if they stick to the main tourist areas. If you can’t speak the Thai language, even a simple task can become a real problem. How are you going to order food at the local restaurant? What about if your car or bike breaks down?

As a tourist ,who wants to spend a short time in Thailand , knowing a little Thai will give you the chance to have a richer holiday and gain a fuller cultural experience and If you plan to stay for a longer time, your ability to speak Thai will affect all aspects of your life. It will allow you to build more friendships. It will also help you a lot with all those simple day to day tasks like ordering food, going shopping. Knowing Thai will allow you to start a more successful business than any non-Thai speaker and can make it much easier for you to land a high paying expat job. Furthermore, it will allow you to successfully integrate into society and have a happier life. Overall you can improve the quality of your life in Thailand if you learn to speak Thai.

Thai Language Course Koh Phangan


C&M School Thai Culture & Language Courses

Course Introduction

Thai culture and language are offered  at C&M school to help the foreigners  who are visiting Thailand and love to go deeper into Thai culture.  To be able to communicate with local Thai people in basic Thai language : greeting  ,useful phrases, making sentences, essential sentences , directions , questions , number , shopping , grammar , tones , the techniques to remember Thai words quickly , basic conversation , practice to communicate with Thai people to be more confident while communicate in Thai , the cultural “Do” and “Don’t” …etc. with  the right understanding  of Thai mentality. All language skills are incorporated into the teaching : Speaking  , Listening , Reading and Writing.Our experience teacher will help you to save time to learn in the right way from the very beginning. Welcome…

Thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your Koh Phangan memory. We offer Thai Culture & Language classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The class is conversation based and relates to Thai culture. What we try to do in our class is to keep it as interesting as possible for the students by applying new teaching methods , creating real life situations and choosing various activities<chat-room , games…etc.>.  We  focus on the cultural aspect of the language in order to help you to open the inside window into Thai culture and people.

Thai Language Course Koh Phangan

Timetable and Prices:

Beginners (Speaking&Listening) 1500 ฿ 5000 ฿ 12,000 ฿ Monday, Wednesday, Friday  
Beginners  (Reading&Writing) 1500 ฿ 5000 ฿ 12,000 ฿ Monday, Wednesday, Friday  
Intermediate 1500 ฿ 5000 ฿ 12,000 ฿ Monday, Wednesday, Friday  
Advanced 1500 ฿ 5000 ฿ 12,000 ฿ Monday, Wednesday, Friday  
All levels 3000 ฿ 7800 ฿ 21000 ฿ Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays to be negotiated



  • Knowledge & hangouts
  • Drinks
  • Souvenir


After you successfully complete the course you will receive a course completion certificate. Completing the course means:

  • attending at least 80% of the sessions
  • getting a mark not less than 75 out of 100 in the exam

Special Offer:

  • If you enroll in more than 1 course at C&M school at the same time , you can get a 10% discount on the courses you have chosen.


Number of Students Discount    Children aged 5 to 12 get a 50% discount.
1 0%
2-4 5%
5-7 7%
8-10 10%
11-15 15%
16-20 20%


Thai Language Course Koh Phangan