Traditional Thai Cooking & Dessert

Course Introduction

We would love to share our healthy life style with all the famous local Thai food that Thai people have created through the centuries that you have never experience before. You will learn all the processes for the making of original Thai recipes on your own. Guided by our fully experienced Thai cooking teacher. You will gain   a thorough understanding of Thai cuisine which will open the door to true Thai culture.

Thank you so much for deciding to study Thai Cooking & Dessert at C&M. We offer cooking classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Group class starts at 14:00 and finishes at 18:00. The course includes theory & practice and will always provide our students with fresh ingredients. After you cook your dishes in class you can either enjoy eating them while you are sitting by the lake located behind our kitchen or you can take your dishes back to your place to share to all people who you love. So please don’t eat a lot before coming to class, save your appetite for the 3 dishes which you will cook yourself with our Thai cooking lovely teacher.

We offer two types of Long-Term Traditional Thai Cooking & Dessert courses with the option of ED-Visa:

  • 6-months course. Throughout the 6-months course you will learn the most popular local Thai Cuisine dishes. 
  • 9-months course. Throughout the 9-months course you will learn local Thai Cuisine dishes, both popular and special ones. 

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Timetable & Price


(120 HOURS) 


(240 HOURS) 


(360 HOURS) 

Traditional Thai Cooking & Dessert 48,000 ฿ 72,000 ฿ 120,000 ฿  2 days per week 4-5 hours per class

*  The school administration fee is not included in the price 

– Administration fee for applying for a student Visa / Non ED visa at the Thai Embassy/Consulate abroad: 8,000 ฿ 

– Administration fee for applying for a student Visa / Non-ED visa at the local immigration inside the Kingdom of Thailand: 10,000 ฿   

* Visa and extension fee are not included.

– Student Visa / Non-Immigrant (ED visa) : 2,000-3,000 ฿ and Visa extension fee : 1,900 ฿ (every 90 days).


  • Recipes/Handouts
  • Souvenir
  • Drinks

What you will learn

Thai Cooking & Dessert

Throughout this course which is designed for the ones willing to stay on the island for  longer than 3 months you will be able to :

  • Have a useful knowledge of Thai vegetables , herbs , fruits, Thai sauces and different kinds of noodles
  • Cooke over 190 most famous Thai dishes
  • comprehend the type and kind of a dish
  • plan and prepare the right ingredients and material to cook a dish
  • to cook a dish by request
  • use your knowledge of Thai Cooking in a professional environment
  • choose the best utensils , ingredients and material to make Thai desserts
  • have the skills to cook different kinds of desserts
  • to make desserts by request
  • use your knowledge of Thai Cooking in a professional environment


After you successfully complete the course you will receive a course completion certificate. Completing the course means:

  • attending at least 80% of the sessions
  • getting a mark not less than 75 out of 100 in the exam

2015-06-02 18.07.51.jpg_Course_Cooking_change_holding the certificate.

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