Welcome to C&M “Koh Phangan Vocational School”

Thai Culture Center

   It is our pleasure to welcome you to C&M “Koh Phangan Vocational School”. C&M is the place where you have the chance to learn to get to know Thailand better and exchange what you already have in your own culture with others. Our culture center is one of the best sources which provides you with various Thai knowledge in a unique and special style of learning through different activities by friendly and qualified teachers, lovely staff and kindly co-participant who are waiting to support and take care of you. The center is located in a village which is famous for education; it is right next to a beautiful lake surrounded by trees and around 300 meters away from one of the most peaceful beaches on the island. The area we have chosen for our center can have a really effective role in your being creative, having deeper concentration and getting much better results throughout the time you are learning Thai culture. “Once you’re relaxed everything in life is easy”.


   We hope you will find the course that suits you and your schedule at C&M as we have prepared a wide variety of courses that you are interested to participate with different days and time for whoever would like to join us. Anyway, we will be honored to try to tailor courses for you to fulfill your needs and expectations. So you will be able to go back home with real-life souvenirs of Thailand that you can’t buy from anywhere, and you will share your experience here with the ones you love by applying what you have earned in our center to modify the wonderful present such as cooking a harmoniously delicious Thai food, giving them an enjoyable Thai massage and expressing your kind feelings to them in Thai or even just enjoy yourself with a great experience and nice memory in your heart. 

    Thank you so much for choosing us and letting us be a part of your unforgettable memory of your experience in Thailand.