The Studying & Teaching Method

As you have decided to visit the “Land of Smiles”, why not both learn and smile? We have tried to do our best to make the class atmosphere as friendly and simple  as possible and make the learning process fun, enjoyable with great outcomes by the end of the course. The most recent, practical and unique style of  teaching methods are applied at “C&M”. What the school really cares about is the student’s’ feelings and seeing a smile on their faces before coming to class and hearing their laughter and satisfaction after the class. You can experience a real study- holiday at “C&M”.

We try to choose and tailor the best materials which suit your learning style and fulfill your needs and expectations of the course. Depending on the course you would like to take we provide each of you with the necessary materials and equipment , such as : fresh and best quality cooking ingredients , cooking utensils ,  color printed recipes , Thai language worksheets  which are well-translated with easy to understand explanations , massage equipment , herbal massage oil and massage handouts.


You can have your class in school classrooms, near the school lake, on the beach or if it is not possible for you to come to school we can send you a tutor at your own place or we can offer an on-line course through Skype. No matter where the class takes place, we will always start the lesson with a 10-minute warm up activity in order for you to be mentally ready and get much more effective results. All the activities are chosen according to your needs and expectations of the course and your learning style and personality. We use as much creativity and variety as possible in the lessons to make the class lively and mix learning with enjoyment. “You will learn the best when you feel good.”