Non-immigrant ED Visa

If you are planning to take a course longer than 3 months at C&M, you will be eligible to apply for a non-immigrant ED Visa which which allows you to stay in Thailand while you are studying at our school.


ED Visa Requirements :

The document checklists available on this page will help you to prepare the documentation required to obtain a Non-immigrant ED Visa.

  • 20 photos in a business suit (4cmx6cm) on white background
  • 3 copies of your bank account statement with a minimum of 50000 THB balance in any foreign  denomination.
  • 6 copies  of every page of the applicant’s passport containing stamps and personal data.
  • The  student’s address on Koh Phangan with the house rental contract and  the owner’s full name and contact information.
  • The student’s phone number and Email address.
  • Any certificate of previous studies such as : University diploma …etc.
  • Completed personal data forms provided by the school (Specifying in which consulate or embassy you will apply for ED Visa).
  • Criminal police check report (in Thai or English).
  • Course & administration fee.


  • The passport validity mustn’t be less than 6 months.
  • If you are not in Thailand, please send all the required documents via email. You can download the personal data forms from the website.
  • People of most nationalities can apply for a Non-Immigrant Education visa. Please note that people of the following nationalities: Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Sri-Lanka and Middle Eastern countries must apply from their country of origin.
  • The school suggests  that you request for a multiple entry visa when you are applying  for  the  ED visa in order to leave the country while you are holding the ED visa.
  • In case you received a single entry visa , you must apply for a re-entry permit before you leave Thailand. You must return to Thailand before your current visa expires in order to apply fr the next visa extension at Samui immigration. <The re-entry permit is provided at the immigration office>.


  • Since the date the School receives all required documents from the student, the preparation of paperwork for ED-visa will take 5-8 weeks.


  1. All the required documents must be submitted to the school office in person or via email.
  2. The school will call the student to collect the documents approved from the Ministry of Education (MOE).This usually takes 4-8 weeks from the date of completing all of the documentation from the student. We also post the documents by international courier if the applicant is not applying from Thailand< 5 – 14 days>, <The delivery fee is not included>
  3. The applicant takes the approved documents and applies for the ED Visa in the Thai Consulate or Embassy outside of Thailand that the student specified in the application. Depending on the nationality, the student may apply for a single or a multiple entry visa.
  4. You will then have a 90-day ED Visa when your application is approved by the Thai consulate or embassy to be able to enter Thailand. Then one month before your visa expires, you  should notify the school in order to prepare for the next visa extension application to extend your visa at Samui immigration< each visa extension application is valid for 90 days , the maximum is 3 visa extensions after the initial 90 days ED visa>.
  5. If the student would like to continue to study with the ED visa after the course is ended, then  the student must notify the school 2 months before the first visa ends in order to start the process for the next ED visa application.